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Post  bobd on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:03 pm

Was at the game this past Saturday….First the defense played well!!! Next, the play of #7 den Ouden and #15 Wille…..When coach Silooy is on the sideline telling them to hustle that’s really sad, especially at this level. If den Ouden would hustle instead of complaining to the refs the whole game maybe he could be a factor…the defender on him shut him down and manhandled him the entire game (same with Ent, being shutdown by the defender on him (Maybe its time for den Ouden to take a lesser role with the club on the field and show leadership off the field (maybe as a coach)). #15 Wille…another player that does not beat others to the ball, due to the lack of hustle. If heat were a factor in the game…then there was a bench full of players ready. These players were not utilized until after the 70+ minute mark when #2 Popella and came in (again too late in the game) the play changed. #8 Hertsenberg came in and immediate production at the Forward position (the goal that was not (looked like a good goal to me)). I am supporting this team and know they are undefeated…but if they continue to play with a lack of hustle and enthusiasm during the playoffs…well.

Coach Silooy….use your bench more!!!


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Post  leapleyc on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:42 pm

I agree that Den Ouden does a bit too much complaining to the officials. However I do not agree that he was not a factor. He consistently won the balls played up to him and was able to begin play anew. I do agree that he does not seem to have a lot of hustle at times, but I feel like he made an impact with winning so many 50/50 balls. Your analysis of Ent is completely erroneous. He created numerous chances...and should have had two assists as he played both crosses to Den Ouden which were then misplayed off his head.

The defense played well, other than the fact that errors in the back four directly resulted in London's goal and nearly a couple others.

To me, it is not that the players are being misused but I do wonder if the tactics employed are the most appropriate for the talent set the team possesses. I am becoming less and less convinced that the team should operate with a single striker and two wingers. I think we might be better served with placing another striker up top for Den Ouden to play off of. Popella is, in my opinion, a striker, and when he came in at the wing position absolutely nothing happened. He appeared confused and flustered with his role in this position. I would rather see him play up top.

Just my thoughts...not saying all your observations are wrong, but I think if you really play back some of the game you will see that Ent and Den Ouden were effective in their roles...but I do wonder if the roles they are being asked to fill are the correct ones.


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