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Post  leapleyc on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:20 am

I have been a stalwart supporter of the team and its tactics, and have been one of the first to speak up against anyone suggesting changes that need to be made.

But after the past several games it is clear to me that things are not working for the team. I cannot determine if it is tactics, or the specific roster, but the last couple games have been pretty ugly. The second half of the US Open game looked good...but the first half was really ugly.

What is frustrating to me is that the focus of the team seems to be places it should not be. The team keeps talking about the "battle of Ohio" and how we compare to the Columbus Crew. But how can you even dream of comparing yourself to an MLS team when you cannot win PDL games?

Maybe I am the only one concerned by the fact that we are tied for first place after playing 9 games...but several of the teams within 3 points of us have played only 6-7 games. If the Lions do not start putting together some serious wins there is no way we will make the PDL playoffs.

I am going to be at the Crew/Lions game, and looking forward to it. But honestly, that should not be the focus at this moment.

I will continue to support the team, very pleased to see them here in Dayton...but some changes need to be made, and I do not see that happening.


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Post  bobd on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:31 am

I agree....last nights game against the Kings was entertaining at first...(even with 2 goals den ouden) still lacks the hustle...same with Wille. Starters Ent and Davis had good games...as did the defense (some bad calls) the subs Popella and Hertsenberg...gave a spark in the second half (great "almost" header by Hertsenberg)....Lets go back to the pre-season line-up and do it quick!!!!....or the DDL will be watching the playoffs. Chicago is in town this weekend....not an easy match...


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