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Post  teamdayton32 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:28 pm

I haven't heard any news since last summer about a new stadium. I think this is essential for the growth and sustainability of the Dayton Lions. I know the FO mentioned around 6k seating. Here are my criteria when it comes to the stadium.

Location: Must be downtown IMO. Clubs fold and draw very low attendance when they are placed out in the burbs where they essentially can only draw from the local community. Putting a stadium downtown brings the much needed glitz and glamor as well as a level of excitement for the entire city of Dayton, not just a suburb. Its also proven that downtown arena's/stadiums in dayton draw sell-out crowds.

Size: I think they should shoot for around 7-10k. Dayton is a town that rally's behind its sports teams, but you must have a great venue to attract people and bring excitement. Some examples are the Flyers and the Dragons, both have amazing venue's to watch their respective sports and sell-out regularly. Building a stadium with an intimate feel, much like Craven Cottage, White Hart Lane, St James Park, or the Stadium de Vliert (probably the perfect example as it seats 9k and looks pretty intimate), Sparta Stadium is another cool stadium.

Concessions: It is also essential to have Beer and great concessions available. Not only does this bring in revenue for the club, but adds much needed atmosphere and can draw people to the stadium. Heck, I bet if they could sell beer in bellbrook they would bring in another couple hundred to the game alone. Get local companies for concessions as this attracts not only more locals who like seeing their companies promoted, but any visitors get a chance to know more about dayton.

Design: Must have a roof in place, hopefully one that covers all of the seats. This adds intimacy to the stadium and makes it appear smaller and louder than an open-air stadium. I would like the stadium have a supporters section and a pub attached to the stadium somewhere to make it a destination both before, during, and after games. I also think the seats need to be completely around the stadium to help with atmosphere.

What are your thoughts? Could we talk with the FO and voice our opinion on the stadium? Football can work in dayton, but it must be done the correct way. We don't need anymore cookie cutter venue's, if you are going to make a stadium for soccer only, you have to make it an attraction and venue where people love to watch football.


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